Arnhem 1944 512*512

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Arnhem 1944 512*512

Dears Friends,

I have the great pleasure to present this new map, for WWM. 0.50


with everything... Johanna Hoeve, Lichtenbeek, Boschveld and Warnsborn (Supply Landing Zone) for the north - Hartenstein, Tafelberg, white house, Mrs Kate Ter Horst's House...etc. for the central part - Oosterbeek and the most part of Arnhem.

Lion, leopard and guepard roads

Rhin and the ponton bridge, railway bridge, Arnhem bridge and the ferry of Heveadorp.

Driel and Elden in the south part for the Poles Drop zone

Sources : Topographic Army Map Service / US Army 1944.
Opsrey and Vanguard - campaign Arnhem 1944
M-G. Urquhart 's book and other sources
visit on place, included the Hartenstein Airborne Museum.

If, someone with a really good kownledge of the battle, wants to write the script, please contact me asap.
The map is ready at 100% - roads, accesses...etc. are checked.

My problem is the following, the editor is great, we have , by your fantastic work) the possibilities to do something great: textures, trees, vertical objects,houses...etc.
but, something goes wrong (from my point of view) with the tank resistance, it is not possible that 5 infrantry men stop a column of 5 tigers or a 6"" pounder at gun stop a tiger or a stug...etc.
You kown that some tiger on the west front were stopped and destroyed after 110 shoots of different calibers, on for example, in Arnhem, a tiger has been destoyed after a dozen of 6"" at-gun more than 5 piat's shoot, more than 3 or 5"gamon bomb" and finish by grenades.

Some players think the same view of me. But, may-be you project to change these parameters.

Anyway, my map is ready to use: 512*512 with everything, she is more or less correct following the details of the real town and the possibilities (great) offers by the editor, I was in Arnhem too.
If, someone want to use it, be my guest !

I put here, in attached file the game sources, with my "draft script".
I have try to do a correct script, but, the game doesn't work as i want, A french "master script" try to find the solution, but, honestly, I see too many problems without solution.

You will use my map as you want multi or single. Please to do not sweep my signature or the corner south-east of the map, I would like just that my name stays respected there are for the map building beetwen 250 and 300 hours of works.

Here, I put the sources map to open with the editor.

If, you need to contact me :

to see the map, is here: ... 39&t=18490
or here: ... 1052830385

All my best - have a nice week-end
Copie de map.000.rar
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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

Please, you will find here, the "draft" of the single mission.
based on historic conditions (composition, units... battle report hours by hours, birgade by brigade).
There are 9 to 11 hours of script and game, but, I don't finish the game.
best regards
arnhem44 wX20.rar
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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

About the map, I had here, some comments.

1 - Map:
the map is divided in four part, north Oosterbeek and Arnhem, south Driel (left) and Elden
the scale of Oosterbeek is 1/for2, the scale of Arnhem is 1/3 - 1/4
Driel shouldn't be on the map, but we need this village as DZ for Poles.

I used a HQ map ad I visited the town, each house farms, street had been drawn following the map and the real position for all the decor elements.
Even if, Some elements don't be drawn due to the limit of the houses possible with the editor (limit is 1020 houses), there is not the jail, the quarter habitation around the hospital for example.

But, take in count, that I used a large scale of different materials to draw the map and the script : books, map, pictures (whom postal cards), web sites... etc. weapons of composition of units....etc.
by, the way, the movie is may-be the better war-movie that I saw, everything is almost correct.

2 - mission start
with 3 different forces :
North on Dz : 1st brigade + 1 st airlanding + 21st independent brigade + 1st recce brigade on North - rule is difficult (protect the Dz, protect the supply Dz (impossible) and support and open the road for the 2nd brigade
Centre on HQ (hotel hartenstein) : 3rd Brigade, objective protect the HQ
West : 2nd brigade of 1st Airborne, the main force with the rule to hold the bridge during the preview and following 48 hours and until the arrival of the XXXe corps.

3 - about the game:
it is a "infantry battle" with some jeeps and trucks, field howitzer and at gun, so, this mission is not really funny.
You need to understand that this part of Market garden must to be view as a commando mission, the main objective is lock and hold the bridge, not win the war or conquer all the map....

4 - Script:
I don't write the 1st text introduction. But, after, there are all the texts needed during the game. The game follows the historic timing of the battle, day by day, hours by hours, you start the 17th september around of 3.00 pm after the first drop.
My script goes until the 20th september, after the drop of the 4th brigade (the 18th sept), and the Poles drop of gliders (the 19th sept).
After the message text "we are the 20th september" and after 11 hours of game, this one crashs.
Once again, I think that there is a probem of limit units.
There are 9 hours, may-be 11 and after the game crashs ! cause due to too many actions, units may-be on the same time.

My problems are the following:
- limits of units (always the same problem), so I used average group of 50 to 75 pax for your units, and 75 pax for the enemy more than 4 to 6 tanks, but as the resistance tanks are too low... it's not easy to find the good balance, between an enemy attack too low or too strong.
- i think that the "time condition" doesn't work as I want, for example, when i used a delay to reinforcement, "reinforcement, force " x "coming by gate "a" to zone "12" after 1h30 (the delay is not corresponding that I want, i'm not sure, but I'm a serious doubt about this fact)
- other problems : once again, resistance of tanks, I don't like the parameters used here in this mod's (stug, tiger...etc.), about the "stug", there is the same problem with rwg.
- I used "ally" forces and "neutral forces", the script doesn't work as I want too, but cause, I did some script's msitakes or something else, I really don't kown. I spoke, yesterday, with a "French master of script", he doesn't see the problem too.

But, the main problem for me, is that all the script's problems come after 9 to 11 hours of game, so the game's test are very long to do for one part, and in other part, I never found a good balance in the different force strenghts (number of infantry men, tanks...etc).

5 - to resume:
The main idea of the script was to draw two pockets and two simultaenous battles of encirclement, one in the town with the Frost's force of the 2nd brigade, the other in Oosterbeek with the main forces (1st airlanding, 1st airborne, 4th brigade, and other forces).

Following the historic events, the battle stops the 25th September by the evacuation of the bridge head. there is the drop of the 2nd part of the Poles to write, the drop zone is on the south-west part of the map.

I didn' t found the good solution, so, I let here the map, free of using, I just want that my work "map" is respected (the map - not the script). I put my signature on the map. there are 250 hours or may-be 300 hours of work, just to do the map
You can use my map for a mutli, but you need to do as the script of multi needed and re-drawn the bridge and see the possbile aspect to build a bridge on the Rhin, I'm not sure, that this map could be enough good for a multi game.
The main bridge on the Rhin is not a bridge, so, i's means that you cannot destroyed it, in fact this is a road with the aspect of a bridge.

The editor is really great, we can do a lot of beautiful maps with, and the choice of units is really clever too and interesting (radio man, ghost battery 6 x guns), signal man, paratroopers....etc). , so, many thanks for you works on this mod.
Just, from my point of view, you need to do some important reviews of parameter units. I can imagine, the work to do.

Best regards


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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

Hello dear friend!
Is great work to creare so large map and mission! Thanks a lot for using our mod. ;)
But if you have problems with one 512x512 mission, maybe you should break the mission into a few smaller - 128x128, 256x256, 384x384 and create mini-campaign?

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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

Nice to read you and thanks for the compliments

512*512 is fine, I did 4 map foolowing this format.
My problems are described above. If, you take time to read.
This is the reason that I offer you and for the gamers the integrality of this map more the source folders.
There are too many things that I cannot resolve, due to a lack of time too.

All my best


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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

William! My friend! Is this really you?
Did I try to help you with Goodwood and Epsom missions?
I will be glad to try to cooperate with you in a new format. :yes:

P.S. You as always? Without a tactical map? ;) :D

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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

No copycat, it's me Camarade ! :stars:

This is the last, if you remenbered well, I was in last spring in visit in Arhnem, I take back some HQ Map (for 6 euros) and book.
Strange thing, you need to kown that the movie is really accurate following the history detail (a bridge too far), and the actor who plays Gen. Browing, as really dropped on Arhnem during the war !!!

There are a lot of texts (try to play), but, the mission is not a success, I cannot succeed to finish the script, cause too many difficulties.
I ve tried (once again) to follow up the historic events with some intrested effects util the 21th September.... so it means from 9 to 11 hours of game, but I cannot found the right balance beetwen the forces (too many units...).

THis is a beautiful MOD to build a map (there are a lot of great ideas, great possibilities), but, I 'm waiting may-be some improvements about the "tank protection" and others.

I organised a charge with 60 ss and 4 tiger I (as reality) by the bridge to close the pocket Frost' troops in Arhnem, but my paratroopers with 5 rilfes and 1 at-gun 6" pounder kill them in 3 mins...
So, how many, should I put tigers and SS infantry men (600 and 40 tigers) ??? to have the same result ? It cannot work.

Easy way, it's just to critic, I kown that :roll:

So, to close this folder, I decided to put all the file sources on line, mission and map (the 1st time). May-be someone will have a best approach then me. :gamer:

But, you can test it, if you want, the mission carsh after the droop number 4, on the 21 september (you will see, I used the text to signal the changement date). :write:

All my best

ps : still always in funny place to do funny things ?
Ps : we can talk by skyppe. :jokingly:


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Re: Arnhem 1944 512*512

Hello, Willi!
512*512 is fine, I did 4 map foolowing this format.

Yes, i know it ;)
My problems are described above. If, you take time to read.

I unterstood your problem. But - now your mission haven't the end. I thing, is more better divided mission into several smaller parts, but 100% working. So it's easier to test and look for errors. ;)

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